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‘When there is no common power there is no law’

– Thomas Hobbes

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What is Common Law?

Watch a Common Law video series to get up to speed on your Human Rights via Common Law.

‘Common Law vs Civil Law’:

1. Become A Common Law Citizen

Join the global Common Law jurisdiction.

Generate a CL Birth Certificate:

2. Join The Global Common Law Assembly

Common Law Assemblies function interactively with other Coomon Law affiliates to create a strong and globally influential mandate of ‘We The People’.

3. Start / Join A Local Common Law Assembly

‘Establishing Natural Liberty – A Common Law Training Manual’.

This short educational publication   gives wider context to Common Law and how to access and/or initiate Common Law systems.

4. Collective & Lawful Security & Safety

We The People assemble to create a body, or corp. The provides the incumbents with collective security, safety and strength. A Common Law Assembly utilises ‘Charters’ to create a mandate of ‘We The People’:

5. Make a 'Claim of Right' & Defend Your Civil Liberty

File your grievance with Teifi Common Law Assembly by sequencing in clear, simple language a list of events and your ‘Claim of Right’ to Natural Justice.Learn more about filing a ‘Claim of Right’:

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Submit a ‘Claim Of Right’ – document your testimony.

Your lawful action and claims must be recorded in order that judicial proceedings can be initiated by ‘We The People’.

We look forward to assisting you in securing Natural Justice and Natural Liberty.


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